Welcome To UKBackbone.co.uk, this site has been created in the hope that the Great British Public will snap out of their zombie like trance and do something about the current situation of the county that was one looked upon by the rest of the world as being one of the most proud and patriotic country's in the world.

I decided to make this site to give the people a voice! And to ultimately try and find the United Kingdom's backbone. Forums are your voice, they are free to use and maybe when enough people start to voice their opinion things may start to happen.

Ok one of the obvious topic's that will be raised on the forums is immigration, but I don't want the site to be one big poke at immigration. I want the site to raise awareness to people about things WE can change. Take for example the petrol blockades in September 2000. The public were all united because the price of fuel was going up to 0.80p per liter! look at the price of fuel now well over £1.15 per liter, and that is cheap compared to recent times!!! and is anyone bothered?? well yeah sure people will have a little moan and a winge but what good is that going to do??

Bit by bit we are having the P!$$ taken out of us look at the rise in council tax's, road tax every sort of tax you can think of is being put up bit by bit and people are plodding along as if this is ok!! where is the money going?? it sure as hell isn't getting kids off the streets and getting them doing something constructive with there time! And it also is not being spent on improvements in public transport and the NHS, in my opinion we are paying more and more and getting less and less!

So less of my waffle on here, get in the forums and make yourself heard! be it about petrol prices, immigration, local councils fortnightly bin collections you name it and we will discuss it.

The only thing I ask, is that as this is an open forum, there maybe a chance that under 18's may wander into the room, so if you could mark the thread you create as being not appropriate for under 18's, well that would be super.


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